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Last Kiss Goodnight: An Otherworld Assassin Novel

Last Kiss Goodnight - Gena Showalter My Rating: 2.0 After reading Alice in Zombieland and fairly enjoying it, I decided to give one of Gena Showalter's adult books a try since she was so famous for her adult novels. I finally decided on reading Gena's Last Kiss Goodnight, eager to see if her adult books were as good as people say, only to be badly disappointed by the outcome. There were so many problems in Last Kiss Goodnight that I'm not even sure where to start. First, there was absolutely no worldbuilding. It was mentioned where Vika lived and that there was a place between worlds where people can hide, but that's it. Now starts my million questions that were never answered: does that mean there were other worlds then? (I'll think so since paranormal creatures are called otherworlders.) How many worlds are out there? When do we human beings discover those worlds? Why can't human beings and otherworlders coexist? And my questions go on and on and on. Also, in the beginning of each chapter, there was a quote from the Christian Bible. I don't have any problems with that except for the fact that the Bible excerpts had absolutely nothing to do with the book itself. So why put a Bible verse in the beginning of each chapter? In the end, I just skipped them, knowing the Bible quotes had nothing to do with the story. Last Kiss Goodnight was also very preachy. It constantly talked about good vs. evil, the good angel vs. the devil, some sort of karma, and evil shadows lurking. Last Kiss Goodnight talked about them so much that I'm just like enough already! I get the point. To make matters worse, at least a hundred to two hundred pages could have been easily cut out of the book. The pacing was pretty horrible too. Oh, and did I mention the fact that Solo was stuck in the cage for 70% of the book? Last Kiss Goodnight consisted of 40% Vika constantly thinking I need to let them go! and 30% sexual tension. I was so tired of reading Last Kiss Goodnight by that point. The funny thing is, I read other reviews of Last Kiss Goodnight and so many people were complaining about the huge non-existent lack of explicit sex scenes. Overall, if you were interested in Last Kiss Goodnight like I was, skip this book. I particularly wasted a day reading it and all I got out of it was this: Solo is trapped in a cage. Vika wants to let him go but can't. Okay, some sexual tension happens. Solo gets released, big fight happens, and Solo and Vika lives happily ever after. The end. Honestly, I'm afraid to try Gena Showalter's other adult books now.ohdamnbooks: last kiss goodnight