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To Die For (Blair Mallory Series #1)

To Die For - Linda Howard My Rating: 3.5 To Die For is a book where I dislike most of the characters, but can't help reading it anyway. It's a book that constantly makes me cringe because of the narrator, but also a book that I can't put down. Have you ever met a person that as soon as you met them, you knew you'll instantly dislike them? Well, meet Blair Mallory, a woman you're one-hundred percent guaranteed to dislike. Right away from the very first page, she states, "nothing bad could happen to me. After all, I was a cheerleader." That helps me conclude that a) she's conceited, b) she's full of herself, and c) her ego needs some major popping. Who has a pink hammer for god sakes? Wyatt is not much better. He's too cocky, too full of himself like Blair, and is too forceful. And for the reason why he rapidly ended and stopped his relationship with Blair for two whole years? He couldn't handle her high maintenance. So that leaves me to think that if Blair's life was never threatened, he would never reunite with her? With that thought in mind, I was screaming for Blair to not forgive him, but of course, he used her forcefulness on her and she was quick to forgive. But of course, she never thinks about the "what ifs." What annoyed me the most was the way Blair kept insisting that she needs to stop sleeping with Wyatt, but doesn't do anything to stop her. Sure, she has that "weakness," but that can easily be solved, like wearing turtlenecks like she stated. It's like she wants him to do that, which probably is the case. Also, does it hurt Wyatt so much to not sleep with Blair for a week to sort out their relationship? Geez. He's like a constant horny beast. I don't know if I'll read the next Blair Mallory book. In my case, I think I can live without her. ohdamnbooks: to die for