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Fateful - Claudia Gray My Rating: 4.0 It all began when I saw the beautiful breathtaking cover of the UK edition of Fateful on goodreads. (Too bad the US edition of Fateful isn't that pretty.) Staring at the gorgeous cover and after doing some research on the book, I learned that Fateful is about the RMS Titanic, one of my favorite subjects in history, and werewolves. I just stared at the summary in disbelief and immediately borrowed Fateful to read asap. Need I say more? The best part of Fateful is the manners of the time is disgustingly (will be explained why it is so disgusting) historically accurate. Tess is a maid among several other maids working for the famous Lisles family, following Lady Regina's demanding orders. Tess has no free time of her own unless Lady Regina allows her, is treated very poorly given only the poorest quality of things to live on (clothes, food, and shelter), and gets verbally abused everyday by her employer for things that isn't Tess' fault. Third class people, which was Tess, were also never supposed to hang out and be civil with first class people, in this case Alec. Fateful was tough to read with how the servants were badly treated, but Fateful is amazingly very accurate in terms of the class system and the society back then during the Titanic era. Tess and Alec's romance was also very well done. Fateful shows their struggle to be together with their class differences and the struggle with Alec being a werewolf while Tess was human. Unlike other couples in books, Alec and Tess also talked and understood each other, working together to solve their conflicts. How Fateful ended was very unexpected. (Claudia Gray brilliantly made me think that Alec will live, then made me think Alec dies, and then we surprisingly find out that Alec is still alive.) Half the things that happened, I wasn't expecting it to happen at all, which was good in my opinion since I hate predictable books. However, the ending didn't really satisfy me since it seems too good to be true and a little weird. Claudia Gray, you indeed are a genius for combining the Titanic and werewolves into one book. I will definitely check out your Evernight series when I have time. ohdamnbooks: fateful