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Forbidden - Tabitha Suzuma My Rating: 3.0 When I asked every book lover what the saddest book they had ever read was, they all answered with Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma. I waited a while until I gave it a try since when I cry while reading, I really cry. However, Forbidden was a bit eh for several reasons. I blame the "eh" problem on Lochan (what a cute guy name!) and Maya's relationship. No, I don't mean that I find their relationship "eh" because it's incest. I mean that Tabitha Suzuma didn't really develop much of their relationship together beforehand before she got to their over-consuming in love part. All Tabitha Suzuma mentioned was how Lochan and Maya depended on each other and are best friends, but suddenly, it's like they fall deeply in love and can't live without one another. I'm like, um okay, am I missing something here? And the ending just left me hanging. How does Maya's friends feel about the incident? Her family? Society in general? Helloo? I want some answers! It doesn't help that Forbidden wasn't engaging at all. In fact, I had to force myself to be engaged in the book. As I was reading, all I was wondering is when will this book be over? To be incredibly honest, Forbidden didn't tug on my heartstrings. However, Forbidden makes me question the topic of incest. I agree, it's wrong, but does the government really have to make a law about it, making it illegal? I mean, their relationship has nothing to do with us. We might find it disgusting, disgraceful, and revolting, but it's their relationship, their choice. They aren't doing anything to harm other people. Why arrest them and jail them? Do people want their family lines to continue that badly? To sum Forbidden up in a few words: Popular over-hyped book because it talks about a hard topic. The end. ohdamnbooks: forbidden