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Requiem - My Rating: 2.5 I absolutely couldn't wait to get my hands on Requiem and read it the day it came out. I wanted answers, the most important one being who does Lena end up with? However, a month before Requiem actually came out, I was on goodreads, reading every single ARC review available for Requiem, desperately wanting to know who Lena ends up with, and finally found my answer. However, that didn't affect my desire to read Requiem as soon as I got my hands on it at all. I was so looking forward to seeing how Lauren Oliver ended her series. Will it amaze me? Make me cry? Who would die? However, once more reviews started emerging on goodreads, focusing on how people were so disappointed with Requiem, I waved all their thoughts away, pretty sure that I would love Requiem and that I shouldn't worry. To my utter shock, I have to side with the people who didn't like Requiem at all. It was like a totally different book from Delirium and Pandemonium. The main problem with Requiem was the plot. It was just more resistance fighting told from Lena's point of view - Hana's marriage drama told from Hana's point of view - more resistance fighting - and repeat. Nothing truly captured my attention and really held it. The entire book felt really flat and boring to me, except for two minor short scenes. I could care less about Lena's situation or Hana's situation. Remember the tense situation with Lena choosing between Alex and Julian that Pandemonium left off with? It all just seemed too fake to me in Requiem, I wasn't really feeling the anger, hurt, and the I do not care vibes from Alex or Lena, nor do I appreciate Lena's I'll-hang-all-over-Julian attitude because Alex ignored her. Meanwhile, poor Julian is just left there hanging, then starts being Mr. Clingy and Mr. Territorial. I was just rolling my eyes throughout the entire love triangle scenes. The entire situation just seemed wrong. It didn't get me antsy, jumpy, or made me tear my hair out at Lena's soon-to-come decision. By the end of Requiem, I could care less about who Lena ended up with. I just wanted the book to be over with. To make matters worse, the one main reason why I was so looking forward to reading Requiem - it was told from Hana's point of view - was a major disappointment. I was looking forward to reading about how much Hana has changed after she had the cure...only she sounded like a regular human being that still felt leftover emotions from love: grief, sorrow, nervousness, and completely isolated. I found myself dreadfully hating Hana (I already knew what she did when I read the short story novella Hana, but all my anger came out when I actually read Requiem) and wishing she would somehow die every single time we read about her. Hana was such a hypocrite that I just wanted to go into the book and slap her. Unlike other people, I actually liked how Requiem ended. In fact, that's the only part of Requiem I actually liked. Yes, the ending does leave thing unfinished and doesn't give us any real answers, but that's the point, you can leave everything else into your imagination. Maybe later, after I really really think about it I'll change my mind, but as for now, I like what Lauren Oliver did. Overall, if you were expecting to love Requiem like I did, be prepared to be bored to death instead and be disappointed. I hate how the series ended on such a bad note, especially since there would be no sequels to fix it. Maybe I'll do a series round-up post when I have time to give you my overall feelings on the Delirium trilogy. Maybe.Effortlessly Reading: Requiem