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Something Strange and Deadly

Something Strange and Deadly - My Rating: 2.0 I'll start off this review by stating that this book just wasn't for me. Before I started reading Something Strange and Deadly, people kept using the word "steampunk" to describe it. I had absolutely no clue what steampunk was, and when I finally finished the book and looked the word up, I have to agree, steampunk books are definitely not the kind of books for me. I was planning to buy Something Strange and Deadly when I first saw it because of the beautiful gothic cover, but now, I'm glad I didn't. I couldn't connect with Eleanor at all. Hell, I couldn't really connect with any of the characters in the book. Most of the book contained Eleanor obeying her mother's every word to please her, even when it hurt Eleanor to do so. In fact, Eleanor was willing to risk everything she knows to the "bad guy" (Clarence at that particular scene) just to make sure her mother doesn't know about her business. To make matters worse, Eleanor states that she's changed at the end of the book. How? At the end of the book, she still obeys her mother's every command and doesn't pop out of her tightly knit shell. She still cares about her reputation and let other people's desires override her own. And the romance. Eleanor and Daniel's "relationship" seemed a bit too forced for me. The way they met was okay - it introduced Daniel's no nonsense personality and their rocky start. However, as they began to fall for each other, it just seemed too fake and forced to me. Daniel admires Eleanor for her bravery and how she proved him wrong about her and Eleanor, well, admires him for his inventions and his great looks. That's basically it. Parts of the book were pretty predictable. I had a feeling about Clarence when he first made that little slip (that he truly did know Elijah). I could also guess who the necromancer was less than halfway through the book. There were also a couple of flaws in Something Strange and Deadly (one being the telegram Mary saw that Elijah had written saying he was delayed. Shouldn't she have saw that it said Philadelphia when he had sent that?). Something Strange and Deadly had a fast pace, which was a bit annoying because I wanted to settle down and think about what we learned instead of constantly having new things being thrown at me. It also didn't help when the characters also says "shut pan" or "shut up" in modern day English, and when they say that, I'll jolt up, be confused for ten seconds since it doesn't flow with the dialogue, and finally understand what they're talking about. The words "shut pan" ruins the flow of the book for me. I'll be willing to try the next book, A Darkness Strange and Lovely because I want to see what will happen to Eleanor and Daniel. I want to see how she's dealing with her injuries (I can't still believe that Susan Dennard made her lose her right hand!). ohdamnbooks: something strange and deadly