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Unraveling - My Rating: 4.5 When I first saw the breathtaking cover of Unraveling, I knew I had to get this book as soon as possible, even though I haven't read it yet, which I knew was a major don't when you're broke and only have $40 left in your wallet for food and books. All I could do was pray and hope that the story itself was as good as the cover and well worth my money. It was.Unraveling was like the X-Files, Fringe, Romeo & Juliet (star-crossed lovers theory), and Gossip Girl all missed into one. Unraveling has everything in it: broken friendships & betrayals, mean girls and jock boys, paranormal elements (but not enough to really label Unraveling as just a paranormal novel), and tons of mystery that'll keep you flipping pages, devouring the story. To make Unraveling even more perfect, Unraveling has the perfect amount of romance mixed in it too, but not that much romance that the entire book was focused on Janelle and Ben.Unraveling leads you from one mystery to another. When Janelle Tenner died, she was brought back to life by Ben Michaels even though other people say otherwise (thinking she was crazy after her near death experience.) While fishing around for the truth about Ben, Janelle's father, who is the boss of his unit in the FBI, dies in the middle of a case he was researching: unidentifiable people dying by high radiation burns. Janelle figures out that the countdown the FBI was trying to figure out, the deadly radiation burns, and Ben Michaels all have something to do with each other, but what?Unlike all the other paranormal romance books I've read, Janelle and Ben were perfect for each other even though their relationship has the dreaded "fell in love at first sight" element in it. Ben first fell in love with Janelle when she saved him from drowning when she was ten. Ever since then, Ben couldn't help noticing her. The couple didn't just do all those lame make out and kiss when they were in the middle of danger like Juliette and Adam did in Shatter Me, no, they got their acts together and worked towards the case, realizing more important things were at sake. The only sad part in Unraveling was how they couldn't be together (due to Ben living in another universe.)What I'm expecting to happen in the next book: People rebuilding the Earth, in depth explanation on what happens to Janelle and Kate's friendship, and how Ben will keep his promise: "I'll come back for you. I promise." Can't wait. ohdamnbooks: unraveling