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Mind Games

Mind Games - Obtained: Through Goodreads First Reads. Thank you! :D My Rating: 3.5 Sister assassins. As soon as I heard those two words, I just knew I had to get my hands on Mind Games - and who knew I would win an ARC? I've read Paranormalcy by Kiersten White in the past and didn't like it much; I hated Evie with a passion. (Seriously Evie, a pink taser named Tasie? Ugh. ) Paranormalcy's plot was also too boring to capture my complete attention. I desperately hoped that Mind Games would be different - especially since it features sister assassins. What could go wrong with that? Let me start my review with this: like Throne of Glass, Mind Games doesn't have a lot of assassinating going on in the book. There were very few scenes of real action - there are mostly scenes of Fia doing small stuff like stealing and training, no actual assassinating. Maybe there would be more in the next book, although I doubt it. Kiersten White tries to creatively write scenes from Fia's point of view using creative techniques, but unlike Tahereh Mafi's Shatter Me, for Mind Games, it just doesn't work. I can't quote something from Mind Games because I only have an ARC of it, but it's pretty much similar to Tahereh Mafi's repeating words in Shatter Me - except Tahereh made it sound poetic while Mind Games, on the other hand, made it sound too awkward and too exaggerated. The flashback scenes in Mind Games was useful in the beginning, but became quite tedious after the first half of the book. At first, the flashbacks described how Fia and Annie ended up in the situation they were in. After, the flashbacks just talked about things that was already mentioned in the previous flashbacks, but described in full detail. From then on, the flashback chapters in Mind Games just became tedious. I couldn't help it, but I hated Annie. When I found out she was the older sister instead of Fia who was always taking care of her, I was shocked. I have a little sister myself and I would do anything to protect her, not putting myself and what I want first. Fia suffered so much for her and Annie was continuously ignorant and happily blind to it. Annie kind of redeemed herself towards the end, but still, I can not get over the anger I feel towards her. I can tell that the "shocking" ending of Mind Games was supposed to make me go like what the hell is this? and shake the book in horror, but no, that did not happen. It didn't get any reaction out of me whatsoever then me thinking huh, well I guess that's the end of the book. The ending was missing that surprise element - something that shocks you to your very core and makes you want to curl up into a ball and cry. Overall, it is safe to say that I will read the sequel to Mind Games. It is far better than Paranormalcy in my opinion. (Ugh, I still can't get over Evie's childish personality.) Just a warning though: like Throne of Glass, don't go into Mind Games expecting tons of assassinating to happen because they don't. ohdamnbooks: mind games