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Don't Turn Around

Don't Turn Around - My Rating: 3.0 When I first started Don't Turn Around, the first thought that flickered in my head was: was reading this book a mistake? Still, I read on. It isn't until sortly more than half the book that we see some major action, which is mainly why I gave this book a three star rating. Most of the time I wanted to throw Don't Turn Around across the room. Why? Well, it kept me guessing, which made the book feel painfully slow. I was wondering what this AMRF group was and why it was after Noa. When I finally found out why, I was like it's about time! There's also major flaws in Don't Turn Around. After Noa finally escapes from the warehouses in the beginning and Peter tries hacking into AMRF's firewall and got caught and given a warning by Mason, they decided to meet up (since Noa needs the cash and Peter needs someone to hack into AMRF's firewall and obtain their files since Mason took Peter's laptop). Noa and Peter met up and then went their separate ways. However, when Peter never got an answer from Noa and went to the library for another attempt to hack into AMRF's firewall, Mason shows up and reveals that they've been following Peter all along. If they were indeed following Peter all along, why didn't they capture Noa when she was with Peter? It makes absolutely no sense. You can also tell that Michelle Gagnon doesn't know much about the computer word. Who that hacks computers doesn't know what WoW is? It's like the first thing computer players know! It was also hard not hate Amanda since she really is innocent in all of this. However, I can't forget that she started "seeing" Drew before fully ending her relationship with Peter since Peter was constantly there for her and always listens to her complain and whine about her life. I think she deserves to be branded on her back, although I have a feeling that she'll probably seek revenge on Peter in the next book. I'll probably read the next book just to see how AMRF is going down. What they're doing is terrible (and for the FBI and cops to be involved in AMRF's plans, although I suspected they were from the beginning? Horrible.) and how they are going downnn. ohdamnbooks: don't turn around