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Open Season

Open Season - Linda Howard My Rating: 3.5 Open Season was a fun quick read with romance and suspense mixed together perfectly. I happily flowed throughout the book without once making a pit stop. The only bad thing is that the cover of the novel gives the overall book a different impression. "She's hunting for a man...and there's no more playing it safe" makes me think that the woman is the killer, not the actual killer. The shattered glass on the cover also made me think something along the lines of guns, not a knife. Although Sykes was supposed to be a bad guy, I couldn't help but admire him. He does what he does in order to earn a living. He never truly trusts anyone and always has a backup plan. I wish I go through life as smartly and coolly as he does. The ending was a nice surprise. Although Open Season is a bit of a fluffy book, Linda Howard sure knows how to write and engage the reader. ohdamnbooks: open season