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The Leopard Prince (Princes Series #2)

The Leopard Prince - Elizabeth Hoyt My Rating: 3.0 The Leopard Prince is the first book I've read written by Elizabeth Hoyt, and I have to say, I'll be reading her books a lot more from now on. I hardly read any historical romances, but Elizabeth Hoyt's books just captured my attention and made me squeal with excitement. Her books are historically realistic and doesn't focus on a single subject, making it no dull unlike all the other historical romances I have read in the past. The Leopard Prince captures the social class structures, the old language, and manages to make you want to learn more. Let's get this straight up: The Leopard Prince isn't a story about a prince (to my surprise). Yes, The Leopard Prince has something to do with the story, but there is no prince involved. Surprised? I sure was. In fact, The Leopard Prince is about George, an aristocrat, and Harry, George's servant, undeniably growing attraction that soon turns into a relationship. They face society's struggling views (I can't believe people will look down at a servant as a whore for dating an aristocrat at the time!) and a personal scandal of their own, threatening to take Harry's life away from him. I love how Elizabeth Hoyt made George like every other woman out there: not necessarily perfect. It isn't her looks that attracts Harry to her, but her bright tough questioning personality. Harry is awesomely realistic; he doesn't fall in gratitude at George's feet when she hints that she wants to be with him. No, he tells her straight up that if she wants to start something with him, he won't go running to follow her every command. Oh, and the unique way Harry calls George "my lady" is so demandingly sweet. Man, I'm so jealous of George. I hate how The Leopard Prince had such a quick resolution to the mystery of who killed the herd of sheep. I was expecting more, not a quick surprising ending. It was way too fast and didn't leave me thinking serves that person right! It just happened. However, I agree on the way of how Silas Granville died, although I think the way he died is way too generous for him. He should get shot or something. ohdamnbooks: the leopard prince