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Three Little Words (Fool's Gold #12)

Three Little Words  (Fool's Gold #12) - Susan Mallery My Rating: 3.0 After reading Just One Kiss and Two of A Kind, I wanted Three Little Words in my hands as soon as possible. With all that buildup surrounding Ford and Isabel in Just One Kiss and Two of A Kind that had me sitting on the edge of my seat, I wanted to read Ford and Isabel's story now. It took awhile for NetGalley to accept me and every single day that I was waiting to get accepted or rejected to read Three Little Words was absolute torture. By the time I was finally accepted to read and review Three Little Words, I had nearly given up on being accepted to review it at all. Ford is amazing. He somehow never held a grudge towards his ex-girlfriend, who cheated on him with his best friend, when Ford and her were engaged. I understand that fourteen years has passed, but still. I would have still held a grudge on her, even after fourteen years. I don't care if he thought he wasn't really in love with her, it's just absolutely wrong to find out that your girlfriend and your best friend was seeing each other behind your back. I would wish that on no one."Since you've been back in town, you're all he could talk about. How he wanted to apologize and make things right. It's been fourteen years. How on earth could anyone still be holding a grudge?" (ARC 56) I'll sadly be still holding a grudge. We finally find out who Consuelo ends up with. After her little story in Two of A Kind, I was very eager to read and learn more about Consuelo's well-deserved happily ever after. In the end, I was satisfied with her story and who she ended up with. Her story was sweet, heart-tugging, and gripping. The ending of Three Little Words was...uneventful. It was quick and unsatisfying, leaving me with the feeling that something was just missing. Like most of all the other books in the Fools Gold series, Three Little Words also ended with the pattern of the guy leaves the girl, realizes that he loves her or that he can be with her after all, then comes back to her. This happens again in Three Little Words. In fact, it happened in all three books in the Justice, Gideon, and Ford trilogy. He shrugged. "If you're still in love with me, I'd like that a lot, because I'm sure in love with you." (ARC 328) Will I recommend Three Little Words to anybody? Definitely, especially if you love reading light, fluffy romance books. The Fools Gold series can also help pull you out of your book slumps; it helped pull me out of a book slump more than once because Susan Mallery's books was light and fun enough to entertain me and make me enjoy reading again. Effortlessly Reading: Three Little Words