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Miracle - Elizabeth Scott My Rating: 2.5 I love reading Elizabeth Scott's books. They're real, funny, and I can always find a memorable quote from them. Sadly, Miracle disappointed me. If Miracle didn't spend three-fifths of the book focused on the plane crash and how people acted toward Megan ever since then, I'll love the book. However, there was very little about Megan's road to recovery. The remaining two-fifths of Miracle was the only redeeming factor of the book. Miracle is pretty predictable. Girl, in this case Megan, gets into a plane crash and forgets everything. Everyone starts treating her like someone special just because she survived and everyone else died. Her friends ask her for advice 24/7 and insists she call them, her teachers excuse her from doing her homework and failing her tests, her parents act like she's the greatest thing that ever lived and completely ignores Megan's younger brother. Megan then stops caring about everything, not caring if she can't graduate or her friends ditch her, until she meets people that can actually help her get through it. I didn't feel sympathetic for Megan at all. I understood what she was going through, but I just didn't connect with her like I did with Abby in Between Here and Forever. I just frankly wanted the book to be over with. I liked Joe, but now that I think about it, I'm not sure why. Joe is described as "beautiful" and can get any girl he wants. Hell, he only hangs out with girls to obtain a makeout session. However, Joe understands what Megan is going through ever since his little sister Beth died and his father is a drunken mess. They talk about the truly deep stuff - the things only both of them can understand. I'm happy they start dating, but I can't help but think, what about those other girls? Will Megan just forgive and forget? I'm glad my parents aren't like Megan's parents. Megan's parents just make me want to slap them in the face and shake some sense into them. Avoiding seeing that your daughter has problems does not make the problems disappear. Don't let your past control you. Do not ignore your needy son. Don't discriminate people just because they're gay/lesbian. Grow up. Please. I hope that I'll find Elizabeth Scott's next book more enjoyable to read like Perfect You. Man, I love that vitamin story. ohdamnbooks: miracle