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The One That I Want

The One That I Want - Jennifer Echols My Rating: 3.0 I love all Jennifer Echol's books, especially Going Too Far, so when I saw The One That I Want on Barnes & Noble's bookshelves, especially with the gorgeous cover (that I have to hide from friends because they'll be thinking what the hell is Kelly reading?), I just knew I had to read this book.The One That I Want isn't as good as Going Too Far, but still stood out on it's own because readers can relate to Gemma. Gemma is stuck with a so-called "best friend" named Addison whose favorite hobby is to backstab and make fun of her every chance she got, revealing things Gemma didn't want other people knowing to make herself look better. Having dealing with a "best friend" of my own in the past exactly like Addison, I could relate to Gemma and understand what she was dealing with and all her insecurities, especially with the way she looks. (I can relate to Gemma's weight loss insecurities having loss a lot of weight myself.)Like all Jennifer Echol's other books, The One That I Want is filled with miscommunication, revenge stunts, crazy schemes, and endless pride. (The pride one is always a kicker.) The one thing that was added into this book was the concept of stereotype looks. (Gemma couldn't help but think that Max didn't like her because she seemed like the flirty popular girl when that was not her, and Gemma tries a little too hard to appear tough punk with her purple streak and her vintage tee's.)The only thing that didn't click for me in The One That I Want is the way Gemma and Max interacts when they were getting to know each other. Gemma is fifteen, a sophomore in high school, while Max is a junior in high school. The way Gemma and Max talk - and argue - is too deep for a high school student their ages; hell I'm a senior in high school and seventeen years old and it took me a long time to get how deep their arguments are. I think Jennifer Echols should have made the characters a bit older, probably close to seniors in high school.And the one thing that I couldn't help but winkle my nose at (I know, cute imagary going on there) is when Gemma and Max claim they love each other when they had only known each other for three weeks without being on a single date alone. That shot warning bells in my head, (ding ding ding!!!) especially when they are only just fifteen and sixteen. Hell, if my fifteen year old little sister told me she loved a guy that she knew for three weeks and never went with a single date with them, I would be very, very, worried. (So worried I might lock her up.)Overall, The One That I Want is cute, amusing, and a light fluffy romance read. If you're looking for something that's deeper than just a simple relationship, you won't find it here. If you're looking for a very gorgeous cover that tempts you to buy the book, however, you'll find it here. ohdamnbooks: the one that i want