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Hemlock - My Rating: 3.0 First things first, Hemlock is a good book to read. It's full of drama, suspense, and action, but my problem with Hemlock is that after you read it, it doesn't have any lasting lingering effects on you. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed Hemlock. Some of the time. I figured out who Amy's killer was long before Mac did. I was just shaking my head and thinking my gosh Mac, can you stop stressing about your "poor" life and figure it out already? I also wished Mac would do something instead of being a coward most of the time. The love triangle is also really cliche. There's the bad boy who self-destructs and there's your best friend and neighbor. Both the guys like the main character after knowing each other for many years. The love triangle in Hemlock reminds me of other endless similar love triangles out there. I liked the whole werewolf concept well enough - that there was such a thing called the "Lupine syndrome" that you can obtain through a bite or scratch of another werewolf. I also liked the whole werewolf camp idea to contain those werewolves. It's realistic and reminds me of what people do when they're in fear. The thing is, I've read a lot better werewolf books than Hemlock. And that's why I don't think Hemlock is that special, but the cover is nice. I'll definitely check out the sequel to Hemlock and hope it'll be better. ohdamnbooks: hemlock