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Prophecy - My Rating: 2.0 Many people warned me away from Prophecy. Stay away! they say. It's not worth your time they say. You will regret it! others say. I am so, so sad that I didn't listen to them because honestly, Prophecy was a disappointment. Okay, maybe the cover (seriously covers, stop lying to me!) of Prophecy convinced me to read Prophecy, but I was also hoping for an action packed book about a female Korean warrior who everyone depends on to save their kingdom, but instead, I got a boring, tedious book that just didn't work. Guess I'm better off reading Stormdancer sometime in the future instead. The main problem with Prophecy was the writing. Prophecy started out really good. It was full of action, mysterious, and fun. However, as the book went on, the writing became tedious. Everything was told, not shown, and some phrases were just plain awkward together. Yes, I get that we Asian people say "Ya!" sometimes in the beginning of our sentences and maybe "Eh," but to suddenly put that in when the scene didn't call for it just makes the entire book not flow well. The pacing of Prophecy could also be a lot better too: there were huge amounts of training and journey information that repeats over and over again. I also hate it when the summary of the book reveals too much. I always read the summary of the book before I read the actual book and according to Prophecy's summary, everything depends on Kira, so it's quite obvious what role she plays in Prophecy. However, when I see her denying her obvious role in the actual book, deflecting it, and pushing it onto someone else, all the way until the end of the book when, finally, it's revealed that she is indeed to play out that role - it just makes me so mad. Why give readers an important clue/hint in the summary that they will figure out easily if you're planning on dragging the whole situation until the very end of the book? Why? And you know when the bad guy suddenly reveals his ultimate evil plan to the good guys for no reason whatsoever in movies? Prophecy felt like that. There's a part where Kira sees a new kind of demon she never saw before, asks him who he is, and he suddenly reveals the truth about himself, possibly giving a vital clue to Kira in the sequels. I was like what? Why would the demon suddenly just do that? I would be like well, you'll just have to find out yourself silly girl. Even though Prophecy was pretty much not so good in general, I have to give Ellen Oh some major credit for the awesome Korean elements she woven in into her story. I could tell that she did some massive research before writing her book. In fact, some Korean words were explained in full detail that I didn't have to flip to the glossary at the back of the book to look up what the word meant. It also helped that I watched some K-dramas in the past. I honestly don't know if I'll be giving the sequel to Prophecy, Warrior, a try. Okay, maybe I want to know who Kira ends up with, but in that case, I'll just take a sneak peek at the ending of the third and final book in the series to see. In the end, maybe you'll make the same foolish decision I did and decide to read Prophecy, but I'm warning you, it'll be one rocky ride.ohdamnbooks: prophecy