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Starling - Lesley Livingston My Rating: 2.0 The minute I first saw Starling online, I knew I had to read it. Just look at the breathtaking gothic cover! The black haired girl with a don't mess with me look on her face, coming out of the waters from what looks like New York City. Add fencing into the mix, and I was very intrigued. When I saw that Barnes and Noble didn't have the book, nor did the Brooklyn Public Library or New York Public Library have it, I was devastated. It looked like I'll never get my hands on Starling until I tried the Queens Public Library - with success. To my surprise, I didn't enjoy reading Starling whatsoever. Mason Starling, the main character, is sadly a Mary Sue. She's so "special" that every guy loves her, from the most popular hot guy that even broke up his perfect girlfriend for her to the mysterious naked man that appeared and rescued her. Her looks are so mysterious (pale white skin, raven black hair, piercing blue eyes) that she is considered so beautiful. Everyone just has to dote and protect her, especially her father who treats her better than her brother combined, even when his wife died giving birth to her. Oh, and let's not forget, the entire world depends on what Mason does. Drumroll please. I read four-fifths of Starling until I finally gave up. Everything is so confusing and hardly even explained. More than half of the time, I'm wondering what are the characters talking about?! Nothing makes sense. The fighting scenes are also dull and repetitive. It's fight - oh no we're losing - run and discover some mysterious power. It gets boring after awhile. I would definitely not recommend Starling for anyone, even if it has that amazing cover. I definitely won't be checking out the next book in the series even with the so-called confusing cliffhanger. ohdamnbooks: starling