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Meant to Be - Lauren Morrill My Rating: 3.0 Before I start the review, I need to say this: I'm not really a fan of contemporary romance books with no paranormal/science-fiction elements in it. There are a very very few exceptions of course, such as Anna and the French Kiss and My Life Next Door, but that's basically it. The other contemporary romances I've read, I just tolerate it. When I first saw Meant to Be and grew interested in the summary, I was hoping that Meant to Be would be one of those few contemporary romances that I will genuinely enjoy. However, it never happened. To start with, there was something about Lauren Morrill's writing that had me pausing every two or so pages, thinking, um, what did I just read? The main reason why is because there are tons of paragraphs focused on the tiniest details and descriptions - everything we readers don't really have to know. I'm not talking about the descriptions of London, I'm talking about Julia's very descriptive thoughts and actions. And then there's Jason. I just don't understand how anyone could like him. He pretends to be tortured by Julia in a public museum, shoves her into a public pond (where there is probably tons of disgusting diseases you can catch in there) because she likes to swim, makes a kid stick chewed gum in her hair, and ditches her to hang out with other people. Who can honestly like a guy like that? Those small sweet moments we see of Jason can't even come close to redeeming him. It's harsh, but true. Julia and Jason's relationship was also not quite clear. When did Jason start liking her? How will there relationship be when they're back home? What about those popular girls? I don't really know if I'll recommend Meant to Be to anybody. All I know is that if you want to read a quick, sappy, cheesy, romance, then give Meant to Be a try.ohdamnbooks: meant to be