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Notorious Pleasures (Maiden Lane Series #2)

Notorious Pleasures - Elizabeth Hoyt My Rating: 2.0 I am so extremely disappointed with Elizabeth Hoyt's Notorious Pleasures. What an excellent idea she had - making an engaged lady fall in love with her fiance's younger rakish brother. Imagine all the drama and scandals that can come out of that situation! Elizabeth Hoyt could have done so many things with her idea, but instead, her book managed to bore me to tears. The beginning of Notorious Pleasures was perfect, especially the scene with how Griffin and Hero first met without knowing each other's identities. I could feel their chemistry just leaking from the page. However, things rapidly spiraled downhill from there when they found out who the other person was in the next chapter. From then on, Notorious Pleasures bored me to tears. Lady Hero just makes me want to grab her my the shoulder and shake her up and down. I don't get why she refuses to admit that she loves Griffin for so long after his countless confessions to her, and then suddenly tells him that she loves him in the middle of a knife-fight to the death. What?! And to make matters worse, she wouldn't tell him she loves him, but continues to lie in bed with him. Oh Lady Hero, I don't know what's going on in your mind even though some chapters are written in your point of view. The only reason why I'm glad to read Notorious Pleasures is because Silence's story is finally next! That ending, even though I kind of expected it, makes me want to read her story even more! (And she's paired up with Mickey O'Connor like I wished! Yay!)ohdamnbooks: notorious pleasures