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Bared to You (Crossfire Trilogy Series #1)

Bared to You - Sylvia Day My Rating: 3.0 I didn't understand Bared to You, and parts of me still don't. However, I'm ashamed to admit I enjoyed reading parts of it, even though lots of things didn't make sense. Maybe it's because Bared to You is aimed at people older than my age, but I dunno. My first question is this: Why does Gideon Cross love Eva so much? Like Eva says, Gideon can have any woman he wants; he has the money, power, and looks. Many woman hit on him and flirt with him constantly, but he felt nothing for them, until he met Eva. Um, okay. But what's so special about Eva? She's not the type he'll go for and it was just lust at first glance. Someone please inform me why Gideon is so obsessed with Ava? I hated how Ava gave in to Gideon at the end. Sure, Corrine meant absolutely nothing to Gideon, but then why did he only pay attention to her at dinner when according to him, the only thing he always notices is Ava? His explanation didn't explain anything. Watch Corrine get in the way somehow in the next book. However, I loved the way Gideon and Ava managed to somehow sort out their conflicts, even though one of them at times will run off before doing so. It shows their determination on making their relationship work and succeed. I feel sorry for Gideon's little sister. She never got to know her brother at all since he doesn't live in his family's house, and when Gideon hints at something in the house being evil and that's why he ran away, I can't help but think: Well, what about her? She's still stuck in the house, unable to run away from whatever is still eating at Gideon. And Christopher. I thought he had to be bad, but not that bad. (Seriously, fucking one of your older brother's admirers and looking triumphant while at it?) I hope the problem with Christopher gets solved because I have a feeling that he'll cause even more harm if he isn't stopped.I'll check out the next book, either titled Deeper In You or Reflected In You just to see what happens next, if anything else. I hope Gideon's dark past is revealed. After I've read parts of Fifty Shades Darker: (Please note, I didn't read Fifty Shades of Grey at all.) Wow. People say that Bared to You basically copied Fifty Shades of Grey, baring no originality, but I disagree. So far, Fifty Shades Darker is composed of very poor writing that makes me cringe while Bared to You actually form perfect sentences that manages to somehow engage the reader. ohdamnbooks: bared to you