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I Hunt Killers

I Hunt Killers - My Rating: 4.0 Being a huge fan of Criminal Minds, I jumped at the chance to read I Hunt Killers, a book devoted to serial killers, a topic I'm extremely interested in ever since watching Criminal Minds, and boy, did I Hunt Killers make Criminal Minds meet its match. I Hunt Killers left me gaping in shock - at the serial killer's identity (I can't believe I didn't figure it out!), at the escape (of Billy, Jazz's father), and at Jazz's strong devotion and resolution to hunt killers - all to the very last page. Jazz's father is the only and most famous serial killer in Lobo's Nod, Billy Dent, having killing over one-hundred people, both male and female. Throughout Jazz's life, Billy had been teaching Jazz how to kill, spy, act, and hide. Jazz constantly struggles with his identity: is he a killer like his father? Or is he just like any other person? Jazz constantly questions himself, asking himself if he could kill anyone of his friends any minute, calculating how easy it is to kill them, and how to get away with it. Jazz was so unsure of himself that he made me unsure of his true nature: Can Jazz be a killer just like his daddy? Jazz's grandmother also plays a huge role in I Hunt Killers. However much Jazz's grandmother abuses Jazz, (telling Jazz that his mother made his father evil and that Jazz was exactly like his father) Jazz's grandmother cracked me up with her insane delirium. Packed with an empty shotgun, she would shoot anyone that dares to enter her house, even Jazz himself. She'll accuse them of rape, "'They're gonna rape mongrel babies into me! Mongrel babies to kill white folks! And they're gonna give me the AIDS to kill me off!'" (page 284) and at some parts, Jazz's grandmother would think "she was at a high school dance. She paraded around the house in her nightgown, coyly batting her eyelashes at the cops," during crucial scenes, giving some comic relief. (page 234) Howie, Jazz's best friend, and Connie, Jazz's girlfriend, were amazing too. If I was the best friend or girlfriend of a serial killer's son, I would be scared, if he either dragged me to funeral homes to check out dead murdered bodies and especially if he threatened to kill me. But no, both Howie and Connie didn't run away when Jazz did that. Instead, like awesome people, they stay with Jazz (and even end up helping him to save his life at the end). I Hunt Killers left me with the ultimate lingering question: Is there going to be a sequel to the book? The cliffhanger is so intense, it left my mouth open in disbelief up to the very last page. If Barry Lyga delights me in writing a sequel, I would definitely check it out. ohdamnbooks: i hunt killers