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Insurgent (Divergent Series #2)

Insurgent (Divergent Series #2) - My Rating: 3.5 I remember when I first saw Divergent on the library book shelf and my first thought was: what a The Hunger Games wannabe. The cover had almost the same design The Hunger Games did and it was also a dystopian novel. All my friends agreed that it did indeed look like a hunger games wannabe and I was redundant to start Divergent, but once I did, it was goood. Sadly, I can't say the same for Insurgent, although it's cover (I love the design of the tree and the swirls and the shades of green color and the...) is so much better than Divergent's cover. Insurgent was lacking the one main thing that I loved in Divergent and in other dystopian novels: action. Insurgent was like Katniss in Mockingjay all over again: moping, whining, and even more moping. Tris just couldn't move on from killing Will when she really had no other choice and also her parents' death, willing to put her life on line for every small danger that went hoarding her way. Where was the headstrong stubborn Tris I that admired from Divergent? At least 450 pages were wasted in Insurgent on Tris not doing a damn thing and basically, there's no real plot until the last few fifty or so pages. There was also the problem of no recapping. Thank god Veronica Roth decided to be nice and made this: post to help readers remember who was who and who did what, but it sadly didn't list the Factions and what they stood for, making me do extra research because I forgot. Insurgent was full of describing each Faction in even more detail and the lifestyle they have. And then there's the big "secret" that Marcus was hiding, the secret that Jeanine murdered people in order to keep, the secret that Tris was trying to find; the secret that IS. SO. LAME. I was trying to figure out what the big secret was when it was first mentioned by Marcus, and when I finally found out at the end, all I thought was this is it?! This is the secret that had me on edge? Like what? And the betrayal part in Insurgent is lame. It'll be better if the character (Caleb) is a big part of the book and has been hinted/foreshadowed earlier in the book whose true side he was on, but to suddenly put him as the betrayer? It makes no sense. Hell, he also didn't even have a chance to give an explanation on why he did the things he did. It's like Veronica Roth thought that in order to have a good dystopian novel, there must be at least one "ultimate" betrayal so she added one in just for the kicks. One thing I don't get, however, is the whole imprisoning thing. Tris gives herself up Jeanine to stop Jeanine from murdering innocent Dauntless people under the simulation. Tobias begs Tris not to go and even makes her promise him she wouldn't. (Tobias then makes a risky move by letting Jeanine capture him too, wanting to be with Tris.) However, when they escape, Tobias isn't furious at Tris for breaking the promise like how I expected him to be, instead he kisses her and they make out. All they do is make out in the entire book, no deep talk, friendly chats, or advice, just making out. I will read the next book in the Divergent trilogy to see how Veronica Roth decides to end her book, but I definitely know that it won't be on my top looking forward to book list. The mass-hype of Insurgent made it seem like it was a must-read book and must-have book (luckily I didn't buy it although I wanted to because of the beautiful cover), and I don't know if I'll fall for that kind of hype again. However, I do want to see how Tris and Tobias end up and find out if Evelyn is really as bad as I think she is. ohdamnbooks: insurgent