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I Am Number Four Movie Tie-in Edition (Lorien Legacies) - Pittacus Lore My Rating: 3.0It all started in Barnes & Noble. I was browsing the bookshelves (as usual) and saw another book edition of I Am Number Four...with the guy (Alex Pettyfer his name is I found out later) that played Alex Rider in Stormbreaker on the cover. (Alex Pettyfer in Stormbreaker is so damn hot.) When I saw the book cover, I knew I had to check the book out. (And if the book is good, I'll also check out the movie, but that never happened.) I Am Number Four started out great. It gave me a sense of awesomeness (don't ask me what a sense of awesomeness is) when I saw "The events in this book are real. Names and places have been changed to protect the Lorien Six who remain in hiding. Take this as your first warning. Other civilizations do exist. Some of them seek to destroy you," reminding me of A Series Of Unfortunate Events that I've read in fifth grade. It gives me a sense of oh my, what is this? The whole alien coming to Earth from another universe to escape destruction idea in I Am Number Four was very cliche with books dealing with aliens, but the concept of the Mogadorians (in this case are the bad evil alien species) having to kill the remaining nine Loriens that fled to Earth by the order of their number due to an ancient Lorien charm amazed me. The charm will only work when the nine Loriens are separate, when they come together the Mogadorians can kill them in any order they want. (Which doesn't make sense to me since Six risked the entire Lorien species just to find Four.) How you ask, can a book with that great twist in the alien plot end up making me read about two hundred pages, then skim the rest of the book in distaste? Well it all started when "John Smith" (seriously? Why couldn't "John/Daniel" pick a better name than that?) aka Number Four met Sarah. Sarah is nice, kind, friendly, and an ex-cheerleader who has a ex-boyfriend that's a football player. (How cliche.) It was automatically love at first sight for John that he broke nearly every rule just to be with her. Sarah also likes John back for some strange weird reason, claiming, "I knew you were special the first time I saw you." (-insert gagging noises here-) When Sarah also finds out the truth about John, she doesn't just blink, she happily accepts it, saying, "Thank you for saving my life. I don't care what you are or where you're from. To me you're John, the boy I love." (page 318) No what the hell what that reaction, no screaming, nothing. Just that. I don't think I'm the only one who doesn't find that believable. Ever since John and Sarah got together, the book is filled with lame romance between them two filled with cliche "I love yous" and "I won't ever forget yous." After that, I Am Number Four was horrible to read. The story dragged on, page after page, with most pages containing useless meaningless events like how deeply John and Sarah loves each other. Sentences were short and choppy and just couldn't keep my attention. One thing I don't get is how I Am Number Four managed to be made into a movie. It's not as good as The Hunger Games or The Lucky One (which I've yet to read, but will read pretty soon). I bet most of the movie would just feature John and Sarah (although Alex Pettyfer is hot). There are tons of other books that should be made into movies, but no, I Am Number Four is. ohdamnbooks: i am number four