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Vampire Academy - Richelle Mead My Rating: 4.0 I wasn't sure what to expect when I started reading Vampire Academy. Almost everyone in the book blogging community that I talked to knows and loves Vampire Academy with a passion. With the Vampire Academy movie coming out soon and people urging me to read Vampire Academy, I finally gave in and decided to give Vampire Academy a try, a bit wary but hopeful. I was surprisingly not disappointed. This was one of the few times that the hype didn't let me down, Vampire Academy is as good as people say it is. One word to describe Vampire Academy is fun. Most of Vampire Academy takes place inside a boarding school (as if they can't tell from the title Kelly). Instead of being the typical, cliche, drama filled book that other boarding school books are, we get a book full of fun and sass, mainly due to the main character, Rose. "And if you mess with either of us again, I'll break you in half. If you don't believe me, go ask Dawn Yarrow about what I did to her arm in ninth grade. You were probably at nap time when it happened." (42, 43) I absolutely adore Rose. I didn't know what to think of her at first - she was reckless and too confident, but also brave. As I read on, I grew to love Rose. She gave up a lot to protect Lissa, her best friend. Rose even puts Lissa before herself. Rose may be loud and reckless, but at the same time, she's so selfless when it comes to Lissa. That was what made me love her as a character. Finally, he said, "Were you really going to attack all of us?"I didn't answer."Doing that...protecting her like that - it was very brave." He paused. "Stupid, but still brave. Why did you even try it?"I glanced over at him, brushing my hair out of my face so I could look him levelly in the eye. "Because I'm her guardian." (14) And the guys in Vampire Academy! They are all swoon-worthy, especially Christian. I was rooting for Lissa and Christian to get together while I was reading the entire book. They were a perfect fit and the things Christian did to protect Lissa, even though he would get in trouble, was really sweet. The way Dimitri also acts around Rose is adorable. I didn't really get his appeal - until I reached the end. "No. If I let myself love you, I won't throw myself in front of her. I'll throw myself in front of you." (324) As expected, every boarding school book has to have a mean girl. The mean girl in Vampire Academy is Mia. I'm glad Mia is not your typical mean girl; she's one complex character. Mia has her own personal reasons for doing the things she does, especially when it comes to hating Lissa and Rose. Mia isn't there just to be mean, she has her reasons for doing the things she does, making her a very conflicting character to actually like. While reading Vampire Academy, I couldn't decide whether to like or hate Mia. One minute I will like her, only to discover in the next minute that she took things way too far. I understood Mia, but at the same time, Mia was just too much. "You sure have an attitude for someone who doesn't exist right now.""As opposed to you?" I asked. Remembering what Christian had said, I did feel a little sorry for her. That guilt disappeared after I took one look at her face. She might have been a victim, but now she was a monster. (266) I figured out most things before they were officially revealed in Vampire Academy. Things such as what "shadow-kissed" means and what kind of power Lissa has wasn't that hard to figure out. Still, it didn't lessen my enjoyment of Vampire Academy, Richelle Mead managed to keep me invested in the book. I will definitely be reading Frostbite sometime soon, maybe as soon as possible. I want more Rose and more Christian. (Yes, I actually liked him.) I'll have to be sure to buy the rest of the Vampire Academy series before I start Frostbite though because I heard that there will be a huge cliffhanger. Why torture myself with a cliffhanger when the entire series is already released? Effortlessly Reading: Vampire Academy