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What's Left of Me - Kat Zhang My Rating: 4.0 Obtained: Through Goodreads First Reads When I first found out that I won an arc of What's Left Of Me from a goodreads First Reads giveaway, my first thought was is this a joke? Since when was I so lucky to actually win an ARC from HarperTeen? What's Left Of Me was on my to-read list for a long time, ever since I first saw the book listed in June. To suddenly win the book and to read it early was a dream come true, especially since I've already heard such fantastic reviews about it and couldn't wait to get my hands on it. Waiting every single day after the day I won What's Left Of Me on goodreads drove me crazy until it finally arrived. By then, I was doing a happy dance around the room. (I'm sadly serious.) To start off, the "perfect" book for me contains all these many components: Gorgeous cover, makes you love and hate the characters at the same time, leaves you shell-shocked more than once, has a good flow and pacing, gives you tons of overwhelming emotions, and most important of all, the book makes you think. What's Left Of Me did all of that for me. I couldn't help but hate and love Addie at the same time, altering between those two feelings every couple of pages as I read on. I understood Addie's fear of Eva taking over forever and her being the submissive soul like Eva, never to be heard except by Eva. I also understood Addie's curiously of being alone in one body since hybrids are constantly never alone. It's like sometimes I don't know whether I want Addie to stop being so selfish or if she's justified to be that selfish because of her unique situation. Despite all Addie and Eva's everlasting problems, readers can also see that in the end, they really care for one another. When Addie was missing for awhile in their body, Eva's endless fear and worry shined through. It was the same for Addie when she risked herself getting caught by everyone, trying to help Eva regain some control of their body. I couldn't help but dislike the parents in What's Left Of Me. Every adult, especially parents, encourage their children to "settle," or for the dominant soul to completely take over while the weaker soul disappears. That's twisted. Parents spend at least five years with the two souls, growing to love them, and to suddenly forget the other soul just because society says so? That's wrong. I also hate how Addie and Eva's parents just let them go without resistance. When Addie made that little slip (calling herself a "we", the word "we" meaning her and Eva when it was just supposed to be "I" since nobody was supposed to know that Eva still existed), her dad totally changes hands and basically decides to just cut her loose to be "fixed" because he finally has a chance to be with a normal son. I thought that their families' love can survive basically anything, but I was dead wrong. The whole hybrid dystopian world Kat Zhang created was so unique. I'm personally obsessed with the twin theory, mainly stories of one twin eating up the other twin in their mother's stomach. (It's gross, I know, but I'm weird.) I get the whole if two souls are in one body, it'll be unstable and cause insanity thing Kat Zhang had created. If two different souls are in one body, they'll both want total control over a particular situation where they think their way is right. That eventually leads to each soul constantly fighting for control, causing their body to be unstable. I think that's what Eli's problem was. It doesn't completely explain why people think that hybrids are dangerous to society though, and I'm looking forward to finding out answers to that. Kat Zhang also sure knows how to write. She'll write something shocking at the end of a chapter; something that'll make your jaws drop in horror, your eyes bug out, and you want to flip through the pages desperately to see what will happen next, only to see that that event would be continued in the next chapter. That was what happened to me: I decided to stop reading at chapter nine because it was getting late, only the cliffhanger at the end of chapter nine was too much and I had to read chapter ten. And so on it went. I wonder how Kat Zhang will solve the whole two soul in one body relationship problem. If one soul in a body likes another soul in another body (sounds confusing, I know), but the other soul in the body doesn't like the same person, what happens then? The only thing I was unsatisfied with was the ending. Everything ended well - and incomplete. There were still so many unanswered questions; the one I'm mainly focusing on is: What will happen next? All of them can't stay there forever and do nothing. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't chronicles mean at least four books? I can't figure out what will happen in the next books for the life of me, but that can also be a good thing. All I know is that I will definitely check out the next book in The Hybrid Chronicles.