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The Eternity Cure - Julie Kagawa My Rating: 3.0 I could not wait for The Eternity Cure to come out, especially with the sort-of cliffhanger the The Immortal Rules left us with. The Immortal Rules was probably the best vampire book I've ever read due to Julie Kagawa's brilliant storytelling abilities. I knew, without a doubt, that I would definitely check out The Eternity Cure once it was released, especially when I heard the promise that there would be more blood and more gore. The Eternity Cure started with a bang! I was immediately sucked in into the story and loved Allie's badass new attitude. She's still embracing what it means to be a vampire, with Jackal along her side to "help." Allie's trying to stay true to her human morals, no matter what happens. "Of course they do," Jackal said, as if that was obvious. "What fun is feeding from bloodbags you don't catch yourself? It's like having a stocked lake and never fishing from it." (94) And Zeke is back! I was personally not expecting that, especially with the way The Immortal Rules ended. We get to see more of Zeke's romantic side with an added bonus: this time, Zeke is tough and not as innocent as before. What he went through in The Immortal Rules was a huge eye-opener for him and he took charge in The Eternity Cure. Zeke knows what he can handle and what he can not handle, without turning his back on his morals. I personally like him this way. "I'll remember my promise, vampire girl," he whispered back, forcing the words out through the agony. "If you remember yours." (357) One character that I thought I would never ever see again came back: Stick. Excuse me, I mean his other name, which I would not say because it's a spoiler. But boy, did I hate Stick. Throughout the book, I was literally chanting KILL HIM, KILL HIM, KILL HIM! and was so disappointed when Allie didn't, even though she had plenty of changes to. I knew Stick would bring in major problems for Allie later on in the book and boy, was I right. Stick is a disgusting little wimpy thing who thinks everything is about him or has to do with him. ...but I wasn't thinking straight anymore. I stared at this...thing below me, this creature who I thought had been human, once. (419) The Eternity Cure has a lot of recapping, but this time, it's a good thing, for me at least. I read The Immortal Rules the month it came out, which means I read it a little more than a year now. I was originally planning on rereading The Immortal Rules because I was afraid that once I started The Eternity Cure, I would be totally lost, but it turns out I didn't need to. However, if I had remembered everything that had happened in The Immortal Rules, I would be annoyed with the amount of recap in The Eternity Cure. The Eternity Cure recapped the smallest important details. I will probably freak out some people by saying this, but there was not enough blood and gore in The Eternity Cure. I was promised a lot of blood and gore from people who've read The Eternity Cure already, and that got me really excited. (Hey, don't judge me. This is coming from the person who watched The Grudge in the dark and wasn't scared. Okay, maybe I was a little scared, but still, I was scared of the innocent little kid who just stares at you.) In the end, what could really clarify as being bloody and gorey in my book was the ending, but the ending wasn't scary either. I guess I'm just too tough to scare. When the barkeep returned, I was already gone. He would find the bodies - the ones stupid enough to stay and fight - lying where they had fallen, a couple in pieces, but most of them still alive. I had what I'd come for. (12, 13) In the end, I really don't know why I gave The Eternity Cure three stars. Maybe it's because I wasn't that invested in it; I only mildly enjoyed reading the book. I was expecting The Eternity Cure to be darker and bloodier, like everyone said, but I just didn't get that. I'm not saying The Eternity Cure is a bad book, it's just not exactly my version of the perfect book. Will I recommend The Eternity Cure? Sure, especially if you love action-packed novels. Effortlessly Reading: The Eternity Cure