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Days of Blood & Starlight - Laini Taylor My Rating: 4.0 I enjoyed reading Daughter of Smoke & Bone, but it didn't amaze me like how it did with other people. Why did I pick up Days of Blood & Starlight then? Simple, the stunning cover (that makeup or mask!), the creative title (whoever came up with these titles is really a genius), and Laini Taylor's writing all convinced me to come back for more. One thing I really love about Laini Taylor's books the Daughter of Smoke & Bone and Days of Blood & Starlight is that the summary gives absolutely nothing away to the readers. You have to read the actual book to find out what would happen, leaving us readers in suspense for what's to come. At the same time, I also don't like that the book summary reveals nothing about the book because we don't know what will happen! (That is, until we finish reading the entire book.) Unlike Daughter of Smoke & Bone, I was immediately sucked in into the world of Days of Blood & Starlight instead of feeling disconnected from the book for awhile. I was easily reminded where we last left off (partly because the summary reminded me of how the Daughter of Smoke & Bone ended and partly because the first chapter gave a sort-of mini recap.) There were so many scenes in Days of Blood & Starlight that made me so anxious and so frustrated that I felt that Laini Taylor literally tore my heart out and stomped all over it - repetitively. Laini Taylor leaves us with the most cruelest chapter cliffhangers - she'll write a shocking scene at the end of a chapter told from Akiva's point of view, abruptly end it, and then write the next chapter from Karou's point of view, leaving us readers in stunned suspense, wondering what would happen to Akiva? Then Laini Taylor decided to torture us some more by making the chapter after that chapter focused on another person. One thing I really hated about Days of Blood & Starlight is how Karou changed so much. Seriously, in Days of Blood & Starlight, Karou is like a completely different person from the cheerful person I read about in Daughter of Smoke & Bone. I was just shaking my head throughout the book. Karou was always hiding and constantly feeling sorry for herself, second-guessing herself and her decisions, and being emo; basically, Karou was a coward. There were also some extremely obvious scenes that strongly hinted about the bad guys' plans that Karou just didn't realize until deep into the book, about two hundred and something pages after I figured out the bad guys' plans to be exact. The old Karou would have figured out everything right away. Sure, I understood why Karou acted the way she did, but that didn't make me any less frustrated. As for Akiva, he was mopey and empty after what had happened in Daughter of Smoke & Bone, but unlike Karou, Akiva remained strong and knew what was right and what was wrong. He remained strong and true to himself throughout the book, something I really admired about him. After reading Daughter of Smoke & Bone and Days of Blood & Starlight, I feel that nothing really important happened in both books except for a very slight few events. I don't know if anyone feels the exact same way I do - after I finish reading both the Daughter of Smoke & Bone and Days of Blood & Starlight, I feel that the entire two books could be basically described in two or three short sentences and you wouldn't miss anything if you didn't read the two books. I can't believe that the next and final book in the Daughter of Smoke and Bone series would come out in exactly a year from the day I wrote this review. A year. (Please note that Days of Blood & Starlight came out in November, so Laini Taylor would take seventeen months to write the next book. Whoa.) Hopefully, the last book would be epic and give me the happy ending I long to read about. Effortlessly Reading: Days of Blood & Starlight