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The Best Man - Kristan Higgins My Rating: 3.5 Reading Kristan Higgins' books makes me angry. The first book I read of hers, Too Good To Be True, made me so mad. The second book I've read of hers, The Next Best Thing, made me more furious, if that was even possible. I wanted to destroy something right after I finished reading it and I especially didn't want to take my anger out on the book since it was not mine to begin with. I could have easily written a review of The Next Best Thing, but it would have been too harsh for anyone to read. I've even told my sister that I could write an entire six-page essay dedicated to why I hated that book, but since this is a book review of The Best Man instead of The Next Best Thing, I won't go that far into it.If I hated Kristan Higgins' past two books, then why am I reading The Best Man, you might wonder? Well, the answer is pretty simple; the lovely cover convinced me to. And fine, maybe the book summary convinced me to give her book another shot too. (I mean, how could you fall for the guy that basically ruined your first wedding? How?!) Imagine my surprise when I actually enjoyed reading The Best Man.The main reason why I enjoyed reading The Best Man was that it fully covered a variety of topics without any of them being undeveloped or unexplored - family, love, guilt, tragedy, and finding one's true self. No strings were left untied and how everything ended was quite satisfying to read. It also helped that the book pacing was excellent and that no one moment in the book was boring to read about.Usually, Kristan Higgins' books has a lot of family moments in it which bores me to death, but in The Best Man, I didn't mind reading about Faith's family. In fact, it was actually interesting to read about Faith's family and their problems. The family moments were not too draggy and dull like how it was in Kristan Higgins' other books, Faith's family drama problems actually captured my attention and amused me.I especially love how all Kristan Higgins' book titles have a double meaning. (That's probably the only thing I like about all her books.) In The Best Man, Levi Cooper was the best man at Faith's first wedding and later, she finds out that he is the best man, for her. Overall, The Best Man was a great read for me. If you want to try one of Kristan Higgins' books, The Best Man is the one I'll definitely recommend, just stay far far away from The Next Best Thing. Effortlessly Reading: The Best Man