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Anna and the French Kiss - Stephanie Perkins My Rating: 4.5 Anna and the French Kiss was amazing. No, not amazing, awesome. No, not awesome, spectacular. No, not spectacular, breathtaking. No, not breathtaking, well, you get the point. So far, Anna and the French Kiss is my favorite book ever. Anna and the French Kiss manages to keep the main characters Anna and St. Clair from getting together in a relationship in a span of about 350 pages without making the book boring, draggy, tedious, or just plain ugh, like the other romance novels I've read before with authors that tried to do that. No, with Anna and the French Kiss, each page is full of a purpose and makes you just want to read more. (You hear that Stephanie Perkins? I want more more more of Anna and St. Clair!) I couldn't put the book down without whining about it, rushing to do what I had to do, and then reading the book asap. Hell, I even ditched my favorite episode of Cold Case just to read this book. It is that amazing. The best part of Anna and the French Kiss? It doesn't start like other books: sees guy, falls in love with him, acts crazy around him, they fall in love; no, Anna and the French Kiss manages to keep a grip on reality. Anna finds St. Clair attractive when she first saw him (who could not?) and manages to get a grip on herself when she learns that he has a girlfriend. Then she slowly falls in love with him after becoming close friends with him, learning the real him, not just judging him by his looks like how other girls do. There's no hardcore love at first glance thing like in Twilight. Okay, now let's move on to St. Clair. He captured both mine and Anna's heart from the very first page we met him. Like Anna, when I meet a new guy, I always judge by their hair first. And St. Clair passed by a long shot. I mean, he's sweet, perfect, funny, and reads poetry and gives it to Anna to hint to her how much he loves her. Do you know any guys that'll do that? I don't think so. Although St. Clair is an idiot for being so insecure and not breaking up with his girlfriend until he's absolutely sure Anna likes him so they could have gotten together way sooner. But then again, there's the problem of Meredith, who also likes St. Clair and is Anna's first friend in the novel. Anna and St. Clair is seriously my favorite couple out of all other young adult books I've read. They're sweet, adorable, and just perfect together. Best of all, unlike all the other young adult couples getting together and just making out after finally getting together, Anna and St. Clair really connect and talk. (Yes, talking is important in relationships.) Now if I can only find a St. Clair of my own... I adored Anna and the French Kiss so much that as soon as I finished reading it, I immediately ordered a copy for myself from Barnes & Noble. If you haven't read Anna and the French Kiss, then seriously, what are you waiting for? Beware other books I've never read; you might just be judged in terms of Anna and the French Kiss! ohdamnbooks: anna and the french kiss