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Goddess Interrupted - Aimee Carter My Rating: 4.0 I'll admit, I wasn't that thrilled to begin Goddess Interrupted even when I've read The Goddess Test. Why? Because I gave The Goddess Test a rating of 4.0/5.0, but I didn't know why. The Goddess Test didn't impact me in any way, and with all those confusing human and gods names just constantly thrown at me, it got confusing. With Goddess Interrupted, the answer became obvious; Aimee Carter truly makes me feel for the characters and think.First of all, let me make one thing clear. This book is not all about Kate saving just Henry like the blurb hinted at. It isn't just Henry at risk with the Titans, it's also the rest of the council, or the original six gods that fought against the Titans, including Kate's mother Diana.Now with that clear, if you've asked me in real life whether or not reading Goddess Interrupted made me cry, I'll reply with hell no. But the truth is, it made me cry. Not once, but twice. I had so much sympathy for Kate and felt what she was going through when she was dealing with her insecurities of Henry's feelings for her and Persephone. Henry kept pushing Kate away, tensing when she touches him and keeping her at shoulder's length while looking at Persephone adoringly. Henry and Persephone even went so far as to kiss each other in secret (where was Adonis when you needed him?) Hell, if I was Kate, I would have given up and left Henry before half of the book was even over with him and Persephone all over each other.Persephone also wasn't what I've expected at all. I expected her to be timid, nice, and angry at Henry after being trapped with him for eons with no freedom. (Don't ask me why I think that, I just do.) Instead, Persephone is a blonde with curly spiraled hair that bounces back into place (can she look any different from Kate, especially when they're supposed to be sisters?), reckless, and selfish. Basically, Persephone thinks she's perfect and is constantly bickering with Ava about Adonis.Calliope, on the other hand, is getting more and more insane with each passing chapter. Walter cheats and rejected Calliope, so she turned to Henry after Persephone broke his heart, thinking that since they both have gotten rejected, they could understand and love each other. When Henry also rejected Calliope, which Calliope should be able to understand because she herself needed time to get over Walter, Calliope goes crazy and kills all the girls that tried to become Henry's wife, preferring Henry to fade away and die instead. Calliope failed and wanted revenge. Hence, Kate. Now with the Titan Cronus backing her up, Calliope decides to kill everybody in the council (the gods), and in turn, humanity. (The gods were made to protect humans, and with the gods gone, the Titans will torture humans like before.) That goes against everything the gods, namely Calliope, stood for: protecting humanity. And all this for what? Two guys. Seriously Calliope?And then there's Ava. Sweet, faithful Ava who never left Kate's side and always gave Kate some confidence about Henry loving Kate, who in the end, betrayed Kate and the council's confidence. (I know Ava betrayed Kate to save her husband Nicholas, but to lie to Henry and the others, making Henry wait with the council with false hope for three entire seasons, while keeping Henry from knowing about his baby and experiencing his baby growing inside Kate's stomach, that's way too far. Ava can die a painful death for all I care.)With the ultimate cliffhanger, I can't wait to see what happens in the next and last book of the series: The Goddess Inheritance. All I hope is Calliope getting her violent ending, Kate's baby to be safe and sound, and for Henry and Kate to live happily ever after. But that's probably too good to be true. ohdamnbooks: goddess interrupted