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Hereafter - Tara Hudson My Rating: 4.0 My first thought when I first saw Hereafter was oh my god, I have to read this! However, after checking out the not so flattering reviews on goodreads, I was left skeptical; would Hereafter be a disappointment for me like the people on goodreads said it was for them? When I got my hands on Hereafter, I was afraid to start it, hoping that the book wouldn't be one of those books with the beautiful cover, but an awful draggy story. To my surprise, I enjoyed reading Hereafter, but there are indeed a few problems with it. Amelia and Joshua are one of those young teen couples that fall in love instantly - aka love at first sight - in Hereafter. Amelia automatically falls for Joshua when she first saves him from the river, the main reason being that Joshua is the only human that she had known that could see him. Joshua, on the other hand, was saved by Amelia and falls for her too. That too is understandable (how can you not fall for the person who saved your life?) Now here's the problem. When Amelia reveals who or what she really is, a ghost, does Joshua, a regular eighteen year old high school student, go running and screaming into the opposite direction like any other normal sane person would do? No. Instead, Joshua just smiles and continues talking to Amelia like everything's fine. There's not even a minute of oh my god, what have I gotten myself into?! thought. Joshua just smiles and moves on. And then there's the whole kissing and making-out problem. Joshua is the only person, besides his sister Jillian and the Seers, who could see Amelia. Nobody else can. Every time Joshua is with Amelia and tries to either hold her hand, touch her, or even kiss her, I'm imagining him...with an empty space, namely air. Kissing the open air. Holding hands with the air. Talking to the air. Get the picture? There's also Amelia's clothing. In some pages, Amelia is described as wearing a long white dress and twirling around the ends of it when she's nervous. In other pages, her dress is described as a skirt. I know I don't like dresses or skirts (in fact, my wardrobe doesn't have any skirt or dresses), but there is a big difference between a dress and a skirt. It's like half the time Tara Hudson forgot what Amelia is even wearing. I struggled with the character of Eli. Eli is portrayed as cold, evil, and calculating, valuing power above all else. Towards the end, (when Eli was captured and [possibly?] killed by the man and the woman) Tara Hudson tried portraying Eli as not completely evil, trying to gain readers' sympathies for him, but falling short. She made it so obvious, like ohhh, Eli is not as evil as we thought he was. It ruined the moment when readers were supposed to feel sorry for him. Despite all these problems, Hereafter was very enjoyable and grabbed my attention, not from the beginning (where I found boring), but after Joshua and Amelia found part of Amelia's true identity. (Searching the yearbooks in the library.) I would totally, one-hundred percent, check out Arise, the next book in the series, coming out next month, especially with it's gorgeous cover. It can't be released soon enough. I want one question answered: Can Amelia and Joshua ever be together? ohdamnbooks: hereafter