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Heist Society - Ally Carter My Rating: 3.0 The first time I read Heist Society was four years ago - and I DNF'd it midway through the book. The Heist Society series wasn't like the Gallagher Girls series at all - there was no Cammie, hilarious adventures, secret hideouts, and a bunch of spy tips that made the Gallagher Girls so much fun to read. However, since Perfect Scoundrels came out this week, I decided to re-read Heist Society and give it another chance. Not much really changed, except that this time, I actually read through the entire book and took careful notes on my thoughts. In the end, Heist Society rose one star from a 2.0 star rating to a 3.0 star rating. When I first read Heist Society the first time, I could care less about any of the characters. This time, I officially adore Hale. He is everything you'll ever want in a guy - rich, handsome, smart, savy, and has a soft heart (although he tries not to show it). I love how Hale supports Kat no matter what and can somehow read her mind with their connection. When Kat hinted at how they met, I could already tell that their relationship went really deep, deeper than they probably both knew. One problem I had with Heist Society before and this time again is that I never truly connected with anyone besides Kat and Hale. Gabrielle was just the very pretty girl, Hamish and Angus are the trouble-making twins, and Simon is the computer geek hacking genius. We never got the chance to really connect with Kat's con crew besides learning what they can basically do. I love how Ally Carter focused some parts of Heist Society to make the horrible injustices done to the Jewish people and everybody else during the World War II known to us readers. Very valuable paintings were taken away by the Nazis from whoever they could bully, and some stolen paintings have still not been recovered since. It's really sad, especially if the paintings are heirlooms. Overall, I will read Uncommon Criminals and hopefully Perfect Scoundrels because I want more Hale. No, I need more Hale. I still [obviously] think that Ally Carter's Gallagher Girls series is better than her Heist Society series so far, but then again, I didn't really enjoy book one of Gallagher Girls series until I read book two. Let's see if Uncommon Criminals, book two of the Heist Society series, can do the same exact thing the Gallagher Girls series did.ohdamnbooks: heist society