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Arise - Tara Hudson My Rating: 3.0 Arise was disappointing. I was expecting to really enjoy reading Arise after I read Hereafter, especially with Arise's beautiful cover (which looked better online than it did in real life.) Many people criticized and disliked Hereafter, but I personally enjoyed and loved Hereafter, so as soon as Arise was released, I brought the book. I regret doing that. The beginning of Arise was long and boring. It basically repeats the same things we knew in Hereafter - that Amelia was a ghost with some special glowing fire powers and how she wanted to be together with Joshua. It also talked about the same threats - this time calling them demons - who wanted Amelia for her power. Throughout the first half of the book, I was checking out how many remaining pages were left and constantly wondering: when can I finally finish reading Arise so I can go and read a better book? The second half of Arise was a lot better. We meet Gaby and learn a lot more about Tara Hudson's ghost society. Arise ended with a "ultimate battle" with some ghostly deaths. I find Joshua's extreme dedication to Amelia unreal. How can I believe that an eighteen year old boy will give up his popularity, his group of tight friends, even parts of his family for a relationship with a long dead ghost? Sure, Amelia had saved his life, but to watch the one you love be the same while you grow older? For you to be the only one who can actually see your girlfriend along with other Seers? For your girlfriend to be targeted by Seers and other ghosts all the time? If I was Joshua, I would have left Amelia a long time ago. One thing that I found deadly lame in Arise was the whole "Risen" concept. Sure, it's cool that a Voodoo spell can make ghosts touch actually things (but not people), change clothes, be invisible or visible upon wim, and eat, but I find that a little too unbelievable. Honestly, in the end, I don't think Arise deserves a rating of three. I think it should deserve a lower rating since the plot is basically the same as Hereafter, but since I'm hoping Elegy would be a whole lot better, I'll be generous with my rating. ohdamnbooks: arise