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Wicked Intentions - Elizabeth Hoyt My Rating: 3.0 Reading historical romances is a guilty pleasure of mine. I've never read one for two whole months, and since I've been waiting so long to read Wicked Intentions by Elizabeth Hoyt, who is one of my favorite historical romance authors, I decided that Wicked Intentions would be my first historical romance book that I'll read for the new year. Sadly, I wasn't that impressed with it. Don't get me wrong, I love the whole Ghost of St. Giles thing Elizabeth Hoyt has going there. My problem with Wicked Intentions is that the book was too bland and the pacing should be a little faster overall. I also didn't feel for any of the characters, except for Silence (which is a very bad thing since Silence is a minor character in this novel). Poor Silence. I can't wait to read her story later on in the series. (Is it wrong of me to want the guy that caused her all this pain to be her significant other? I hope not.) One thing I liked about Wicked Intentions is the snippet of a fairytale Elizabeth Hoyt inserts before she begins each chapter of her book. All her other historical romance series has it, and I'm glad she continues to do so. (Warning: Skip this paragraph if you find strong sexual language or anything of that sort offensive.) Wicked Intentions also helped me realize how much society has changed in terms of women and sex (yes, I just said that "s" word), ever since the 1730s. In Wicked Intentions, women and sex was viewed as a pure thing. For a women to crave sex anytime during the morning or mid-day is viewed as sinful. To try bondage, blow-jobs, and all those sex positions is also considered sinful, especially for women. If the women loves having sex in general, then she is viewed as a whore. (One thing I noticed - women always takes the downfall.) I'm glad society changed a lot today, in terms of society's viewpoint on sex and all that stuff. I will continue on with Elizabeth Hoyt's Maiden Lane series this month, especially since I want to read Silence's story, which I think is the third book in the series. Hopefully, it'll be as good as Elizabeth Hoyt's The Legend of the Four Soldiers series.ohdamnbooks: wicked intentions