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Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout My Rating: 3.5 I had brought Obsidian a long, long, long time ago, long being somewhere in June, but never got around to reading it. To tell you the truth, I was afraid. Very afraid. Tons of people loved Obsidian, but I didn't want to read it and then be disappointed, so I practically ran away from it, even though it was sitting on my shelf for a long time. I had also heard Obsidian was like Twilight, except better. I read Twilight in fifth grade, and at that time, I absolutely adored it (since I didn't know any better). Can't say the same now. However, after I actually tried reading Obsidian and noticed some Twilight-like things in it, Obsidian is, without a doubt, a lot better than Twilight can ever be. Like one reviewer said, "It was as if the author felt obligated to fix Twilight catastrophe and tried make it right again." That, I totally agree with. I love, love, love (wow this review has a lot of repeated words so far) how Katy doesn't take any crap from Daemon and stands up to him even though he's hot. Tons of heroines these days excuse their handsome love interests from being rude and downright controlling just because they are hot. (Hush Hush being the prime example.) But not Katy. She stands up for herself and dishes right back. She even threw her food on him when he dissed her in front of the entire cafeteria. I need some of Katy's guts for my bullies. However, Katy is also very dense. When several signs showed up that there was something unearthly weird about Daemon and Dee (Dee's arm going invisible multiple times, Daemon being Aquaman, that bright light that appears when Katy is around Daemon when she's in danger, etc.), Katy just thinks about it, then ignores it when it's glaringly obvious that something is majorly wrong. During those moments, I just wanted to knock my head against the wall and scream Katy, don't you see?! ´╗┐My gosh, just open your eyes! I love Jennifer L. Armentrout's alien concept in Obsidian. It is unique (um, sorry vampires but you lose) and it's is awesome. Who knew aliens can ever be made out of light? Who knew they can stop time and be invisible? Who knew they can be like Daemon and Dee? Obsidian had be grinning like crazy for no reason at all. I know right, that doesn't make any sense! I was just reading in the subway when suddenly, I could feel a massive grin breaking through and I have no clue why. Then I had to take a deep breath to calm myself before people on the subway thought I was crazy. I will definitely read Onyx sometime soon, even though I had it three days before it was officially released. I need more Katy and goofy smiles! Hopefully I will understand and like Daemon more after I read Shadows because so far, he's on my uh-huh list. ohdamnbooks: obsidian