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Seduced by A Stranger (Dark Gothic #5) - Eve Silver My Rating: 4.0 My goodness. Eve Silver knows how to write. From the very first page, she manages to just suck me right into the story and never let go. Who can resist a book starting with this, "At the age of eleven, Catherine Weston was buried alive in a shallow, wet grave"? No one, that's who. Add the very sexy cover and I'm in love. Eve Silver had me guessing right to the very end: who was the killer? I was edging towards and away from Gabriel being the killer both at the same time. Gabriel just happens to be where the killer is at or there were hints given to the reader that Gabriel could have done the killing. There were also other hints that other characters could have been the murderer, but the hints were the strongest with Gabriel. I was torn between disbelief or helplessness since I wanted to know who the killer was now. When I found out why Gabriel was always so controlled and emotionless, I couldn't help but gasp and rage for him. For his own parents to never believe him (they are his parents for goodness sakes! They should know their kid!) or him not able to get his revenge must hurt. (And Geoffrey dares to say this at the end: "He owed Gabriel for all the years at Hanham House." Hello, you're the one who caused him there to be locked and tortured there the first place so you should owe him!) I don't know how Gabriel handles it; if I was him, I'll go completely crazy. I couldn't believe the truth about the killer (or killers, as I should put it. Madeline had me fooled right to the very end. The bribe she did for Geoffrey was pretty brilliant too). I don't think they've suffered enough, especially what they put Gabriel through. Thank god he gets his happy ending with Catherine or I would be raging at this book forever. I will definitely check out Eve Silver's other works. Seduced By A Stranger was written so well and deep that it had be awing over it in wonder. I hope her other works are the same, or even better. ohdamnbooks: seduced by a stranger