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Scarlet Nights - Jude Deveraux My Rating: 2.5/5.0Two words to describe Scarlet Nights: what happened? Why don't I enjoy reading Jude Deveraux's books that much anymore? The first time I read her novel in the Edilean series, I loved it so much that I put out all the holds that I could on my library card just to read her books, but now, as I read the earlier books in the Edilean series, I can't help but be very disappointed. The plot was intriguing. Sara discovers that the man she's one-hundred percent absolutely crazy about and is about to marry is not who he really is from an undercover cop - Mike. From reading later books in the Edilean series, I knew that Mike and Sara would eventually get together. The only question was how did they fall for each other? The disappointing answer: love at first sight (to sum it all up). The characters in Scarlet Nights also didn't really appeal to me, nor did I connect with any of them. Sara is portrayed as a innocent girl, but she sometimes has her wild ways. I understood that she dealt with a really hard blow when her ex-boyfriend dumps her just to marry his childhood friend (we find out later that that wasn't the case) and so she fell for this abusive never satisfied dude, but the way she constantly gives in to him just makes me mad. The only time I actually understood her and could relate to her was when the town was pitying her for being dumped and when she was worried about Mike and her relationship. Mike, on the other hand, I don't know how to picture him. He works out at the gym all the time so I know he has a lot of muscles and great abs like Sara said. However, there was something weird written about his hair ("For all that his hairline was halfway back on his head", page 24) and the way his voice is always raspy just creeps me out. He also keeps asking people in town to help with his undercover work and reveals parts of it, which is not what a real undercover cop would do. If you're looking for a fluff book, then Scarlet Nights is perfect for you. ohdamnbooks: scarlet nights