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Lavender Morning (Edilean, #1) - Jude Deveraux My Rating: 2.5 After reading some of Jude Deveraux's Edilean series and loving them, I decided to try Lavender Morning, the book that began it all. To my disbelief, I didn't love the book at all. Unlike Jude Deveraux's other books, Lavender Morning was draggy, long, and boring. The romance was a major disappointment too and the ending wasn't satisfying at all. To sum it all up, Lavender Morning was a bunch of fluff. I loved the way Jocelyn and Luke had a rough start - Jocelyn because she thought Luke was rude and Luke who thought Jocelyn was just another greedy woman. However, as things "developed", if you can call it that, they fell for each other. To me, it seemed that Jocelyn and Luke were just casual acquaintances when suddenly - boom! - they are in love. Their "love" didn't even seem like true love like the way Edilean Harcourt taught Jocelyn. The major problem was that I didn't care about any of the characters in the book. I never grew to love them. One of them could have gotten into a car accident and died for all I care. What happened to the characters I normally cared for in the Edilean series? I liked Jocelyn well enough in Heartstrings, but in Lavender Morning, she is just bland. I also couldn't believe Edilean Harcourt died without knowing two very important things (that 1) Jocelyn is her granddaughter and that 2) the love of her life, David Clare, is still alive. How can you do that Jude Deveraux?! That's just cruel!). I was just gaping in shock, wondering why it had to be this way. I'll probably read the rest of the Edilean series and then try some of Jude Deveraux's other books. I don't want to end this series on a sad note. ohdamnbooks: lavender morning