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Halo - Alexandra Adornetto I never made it to the twentieth page until I gave up. Then I skimmed the book to see what I was missing. Answer: Not much. What is a school captain? Does Adornetto mean student body president? (The sad thing is Adornetto is eighteen, she should know this.) The characters are all one-dimensional. Bethany is an idiot and all the girls who hang out with her only cares/talks about prom, makeup, and clothes. That's not real. Someone who attended high school, ahem Adornetto, should know that. When Bethany reveals her secret to Xavier, his reaction? "Um, okay, I knew there was something special about you." Seriously? Any logical "school captain" will take off running. You, Adornetto, had not done any research at all. Even so, high school doesn't need any research if you're eighteen because you just attended it.