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Nowhere to Run - Nancy Bush My Rating: 2.0 My first thought while reading Nowhere to Run was did Nancy Bush really write Nowhere to Run? Reading Nowhere to Run was a complete 180-degree turn from Nowhere to Hide, the second book in the series which I already read about a month ago and loved. I think Nancy Bush should have just kept her point of view to three people in Nowhere to Run: Liz, Auggie, and the killer like how she did in Nowhere to Hide: September, Jake, and the killer. There was simply too much points of view in Nowhere to Run, which ended up boring me to death since I didn't care what the other characters besides Liz, Auggie, and the killer were doing. I don't think that it also helped that I read Nowhere to Hide first, not knowing it was part of a series, and knew everyone and their identities first. I knew who Auggie was and what his job was, so it wasn't really a surprise when it was revealed that he was a detective. In fact, I also already knew who their number one suspect was, but not the true killer. The main reason I wanted to read Nowhere to Run was that I loved Nowhere to Hide and wanted to find out how Auggie and Liz got together. To my disappointment, their romance was bland and not fully developed. It wasn't even hinted that their was a major attraction between Auggie and Liz, just that each thought the other person was good-looking. When they suddenly went all wild, I was surprised to say the least. I don't know if I'll try reading another one of Nancy Bush's books now. I don't want to face another huge disappointment. It's like letting a kid see and taste a huge lollipop, but at the last second, take it away from him to see his brawling face. I don't want to face that kind of reading situation again. ohdamnbooks: nowhere to run