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Unearthly - Cynthia Hand My Rating: 3.0 I was torn between whether to give Unearthly a rating of three or three-point-five, but finally decided a three. Unearthly is no doubt the best angel book I've ever read. Everything is explained and the entire thing just clicks. Then why give it a rating of three you ask? Well, it's complicated and in the end, if I really thought about it, Unearthly is really nothing special. It doesn't stand out in the crowd from all the other paranormal books. Unearthly was one of those books that put drama first - mainly finding out more about angels drama and romance drama - then adds a bad guy fight in the very end, in this case the bad guy being a fallen angel. The fallen angel fight began and ended so abruptly that it was pretty much something added to continue on the plot and to lure readers into reading the next book. I honestly don't understand the hype with Unearthly. Was I missing something? I was always putting reading Unearthly off since I have this weird obsession that if I read a really good book, it won't be as enjoyable anymore after I finish reading it the first time - so I put books that people claim were good that I didn't read yet on my shelf until I decide that I would finally read it. Even though I read Unearthly in a day, it was mainly just pages of easily forgotten stuff and a bunch of romance - basically a disappointment. I think I can pretty much figure out how the next book, Hallowed, would be like: Clara is torn (again) between both Tucker and Christian, Clara's mother is found having nightmares (explains why she's tired all the time), and Jeffrey would probably be turned into the dark side (his darkened angel wings in the end). I don't know if Hallowed would be worth my time to read. Maybe I'll read it and give it another chance since I have it with me now, but I dunno. ohdamnbooks: unearthly