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Heartwishes: An Edilean Novel - Jude Deveraux My Rating: 3.5 After reading Moonlight in the Morning, I was curious at Tristan's situation with Gemma, who happened to be the main character in Heartwishes. I know Gemma and Colin are together from the previous Edilean books I've read, but I never knew how they got together. That's what made me read Heartwishes, along with the devastating beautiful romantic cover. I had a hard time picturing how Gemma looks. She works out a lot, reasonably making me think she has a lot of muscles, but Colin also mentions that "her large breasts were above a waist his hands could span." (page 102) That leaves me an image of a woman with blond hair up to her shoulders with big muscles and big boobs, but still overall small in size (Colin mentions that when he first saw her). Not really a lovely image. I don't get Gemma's fight with Colin. She walked away from him, saying that she couldn't stand his jealously over Tristan, when the fact was that Gemma was jealous of his attention with Colin's ex-girlfriend Jean. Isn't Gemma being a bit of a hypocrite? I didn't think Tristan almost fell in love with Gemma like how he told Jecca in Moonlight in the Morning. In Gemma's point of view, they were just friends. Tristan knew all along that Gemma was only interested in Colin ever since she secretly confided to him (about the one-night stand). However, Tristan, in fact, never really put any effort into winning her. On a side note, Heartwishes needs more chapters told in Colin's point of view. There were so many chapters written in Gemma's point of view when she was falling for him that readers wouldn't know if Colin was falling for Gemma too. I'll definitely check out Jude Deveraux's books sometime soon. Right now, I can't wait for Moonlight Masquerade to come out. Why is 2013 so far away?! ohdamnbooks: heartwishes