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Moonlight in the Morning - Jude Deveraux My Rating: 4.0 After finishing Stranger in the Moonlight, I was dying to read Moonlight in the Morning just to see how Jecca and Tristan's romance went, so at the first chance I got, I ran to the library and snatched it up, devouring it as soon as I had the chance to. Watching Tristan trying to win Jecca over was very sweet. Jecca had been crushing on Reede with a long time, but Tristan was won over by Jecca the very first moment they met since she wasn't affected by his handsome looks. I'm glad Jecca and Tristan got together since they're so perfect for each other, especially since it was mentioned that Tristan never put any real effort into winning a girl before. However, Tristan mentioned that he was almost in love before with Gemma, who happened to be the main character in Heartwishes, a book on my to read asap list. I want to see what Tristan found so enchanting about her and how it went. The only thing I'm not satisfied with is how fast Jecca and Tristan's relationship went. One moment they were falling in love, and before I realized it, they were going to marry. I was wondering where all that time went. Moonlight in the Morning made me realize how selfish and controlling Kim is, something I never realized before in Stranger in the Moonlight. She tried to prevent Tristan from chasing after Jecca just because she wanted Jecca and Reede to get together. I was really angry at her when she lectured Tristan to stay away from Jecca just because she wanted to play matchmaker. Now when I really think about it, Kim has tons of bad qualities about her. I noticed a major flaw in Moonlight in the Morning and Stranger in the Moonlight, something I didn't notice when I was reading Stranger in the Moonlight since I started reading the second book in Jecca, Kim, and Sophie's story/series. In Moonlight in the Morning, it was mentioned that Jecca and Kim haven't talked to Sophie ever since college and had no way to contact her. Suddenly, in the end of Stranger in the Moonlight, Kim suddenly has a text from Sophie. How does she know it was from Sophie, especially since they both mentioned that they had absolutely no way to contact her? Maybe Moonlight Masquerade would clear things up. I can't wait for Moonlight Masquerade to come out. I want to read Sophie and Reede's story! ohdamnbooks: moonlight in the morning