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To Desire a Devil - Elizabeth Hoyt My Rating: 3.0 After reading the first three books in the Legend of the Four Soldiers series in less than a month or so (I think?), I always wondered how the series would end. We'll definitely get a happily ever after of course, but will To Desire A Devil make me feel completely satisfied or would there be loose ends and unfinished feelings? The answer would be unfinished feelings. I couldn't wait to meet Reynaud, the hero of To Desire A Devil, especially since he was supposed to be dead in the last three books. However, after seven years being captured and tied to the wild, Reynaud is now a rude, selfish, controlling beast. All he cares about is his money, title, and house. And how to kick Beatrice's uncle Reggie out of the house. Only in the end did he redeem himself, but only very little that it doesn't really count. The romance wasn't really good either. When Beatrice and Reynaud got together, it was a what is going on moment for me since Beatrice didn't show any hints of liking the present Reynaud, which the old painting of him hanging on the wall doesn't count since that was the Reynaud from the past. I can understand how Reynaud fell for her since he showed hints of it, but for Beatrice's affections, it was rather sudden. To Desire A Devil made me realize how crazy I am about Lord Vale and Lady Vale's relationship (from To Seduce A Sinner). Every time they appeared in To Desire A Devil, I couldn't help squealing in happiness for them, especially Lady Vale (who is now pregnant! Yay!). I never knew they made such a big impression on me in To Seduce A Sinner, but apparently they did. Final note about the series: there is a ton of kidnapping going on. Kidnapping in To Seduce A Sinner, To Beguile A Beast, and To Desire A Devil, which ultimately led to the book's happy ending. I will definitely read Elizabeth Hoyt's other books. In fact, I brought nearly all her books except for one, The Serpent Prince, because it was the only book written by her that I didn't enjoy at all. ohdamnbooks: to desire a devil