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City of Glass - Cassandra Clare My Rating: 4.0 City of Glass was the one book in The Mortal Instruments series that made me want to stay up all night just to finish reading the book. City of Glass contains more action, romance, and truths/secrets than City of Bones and City of Ashes, and in my opinion, City of Glass was a lot better than the other two. Not once did the book make me pause and think: Should I drop this book because it's so boring? like the other two books did in the series. In City of Glass, I finally learn about Jace's true identity (after waiting for it from the past two books) and I'm glad Cassandra Clare didn't give Jace some lame plot twist about his true family. Jace and Clary can finally be together, but a review I read from a reviewer that I agreed with made me wonder: in City of Bones, Jace and Clary just kissed and shared nothing really special, certainly not love. However, in City of Ashes and City of Glass, it was like they'll die without each other. What made them suddenly love each other and can't live without each other? I don't think I'll ever get my answer. That is probably why I was sitting on the edge of my seat when I got to the part where Aline was introduced. A fellow Shadowhunter, she flirts with Jace and he flirts back. When Clary saw them (after she got to Alicante with a portal she made), she caught them in the middle of a make out session. Ever since then, whenever Aline appeared, I can't help but hate her even though Jace really feels nothing for her. The thing I didn't understand is Max's death. After he was killed (by Sebastian), I kept expecting Max to somehow come back from the dead. I have no clue why Cassandra Clare decided to randomly kill of Max. (I understand why she couldn't kill Isabelle since she's one of the main characters, but does Max really have to die?) Max was never really treated as an equal by his family since he was nine years old and the only role he seemed to play in the series was a kid that liked to read manga and nothing else. And then there's Alec and Magnus. For some reason not explained, Alec couldn't care less about people learning about his and Magnus' relationship after they avoided each other. When they were preparing to fight Valentine's army of demons, Alec pairs up with Magnus and kisses him in front of everyone. Where did that suddenly come from? What made Alec change his mind about hiding their relationship? I'll probably read City of Fallen Angels, the next book in the series, really soon just to see how Jace and Clary's relationship ends up. ohdamnbooks: city of glass