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City of Ashes - Cassandra Clare My Rating: 2.0 I'm going to be very clear on one thing: City of Ashes was very disappointing after reading the much better City of Bones. City of Ashes lacked major characterization (the characters just reacted to whatever situation they're in), action (very little fighting scenes), and was extremely dull in most parts. The only reason I kept reading on was to find out how Clary and Jace could somehow be together when they're siblings (I know they eventually get together because I read the blurbs of other books in the series), but I guess that answer would be revealed in the next book, City of Glass. What I couldn't stand in City of Ashes is Clary. I wanted to slap her, kick her, and abuse her. Clary is still deeply in love with Jace, despite them being siblings, but she makes out with Simon and when Simon calls her his girlfriend, she doesn't object. Clary just goes on with the flow. Not only is Clary hurting her best friend's feelings and giving him false hopes, she is also hurting Jace. (I'm glad Simon had the guts to move on and try seeing Maia, who I feel is a much better match for him than Clary.) Clary loves Jace so much that when Simon goes missing, she goes all oh my god! Where is Simon?!, works with Jace and the others to find Simon, runs away from Jace and straight into Simon's arms. The Alec and Magnus situation was also very confusing. I was rooting for Alec to get over Jace and give Magnus a chance in City of Bones. In City of Ashes, Alec is still obviously not completely over Jace, but is spending a lot of time with Magnus, trying to hide it from Jace. That indicates that he doesn't want people, especially Jace, to know about him and Magnus's relationship. However, when Alec was under a rune, (Clary marked a "Fearless" rune on him) Alec was about to confess aloud to everyone, including his parents, that he was dating a Downworlder, which was obviously Magnus, but Magnus stopped him from finishing his confession. Now what the heck was that? Why did Magnus do that when throughout the book, he was angry at Alec for hiding their relationship? It just doesn't make sense. Also, the ending was cheap. What do you mean "cheap"? you say. Well, I guess Cassandra Clare realized that throughout the book, City of Ashes didn't have a single huge fighting scene in the book and quickly stuffed a fighting scene towards the end where there's blood, glory, and major explosions. And, of course, random dead people. Then she added the Epilogue and thinks: Ta-da! That solves everything. No, it doesn't. It just ruins the whole entire book by stuffing "the fight" (should be named "the single fight") at the end. Cassandra Clare continues to fill her books with so many tiny little details and descriptions again like she did in City of Bones. Frankly, in one page of her books, you can expect fifty percent of that page to be detail-fillers. I sincerely hope that City of Glass would be much better than City of Ashes, and the only reason I'll be reading City of Glass in the first place is because I want to know how Clary and Jace can finally end up being together. ohdamnbooks: city of ashes