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Stranger in the Moonlight - Jude Deveraux My Rating: 3.5 Stranger in the Moonlight is the first book I read written by Jude Deveraux - and boy, did she win my heart! I honestly wasn't expecting much of Stranger in the Moonlight - just that the book had a very nice intriguing cover. Little did I know, the inside of the book is as good as the outside. The prologue was slow and boring, but sweet. I know it helps introduce the relationship between two characters, namely Kim and Travis, but it had me wondering if the book was truly worth my time. It was also confusing what Travis' special situation was in the prologue; at first I thought he was slow, but when it as mentioned that Travis used such grown up words, I thought he was one of those young people with high IQs. Who knew Travis was just an isolated child who doesn't know how to have fun? As I continued to read on, I grew to love Kim's life and a bit of Travis. I love how Jude Deveraux wrote a chapter from Joe's point of view early on in the book to show what type of person he is. I was quite worried about Lucy for a while, especially with her rocky past. Every character fits in the novel, except Clarissa and Jamie's sudden appearance was indeed a surprise. I'm glad that Kim and Travis got together, but I can't forgive Travis' womanizer ways though. His excuse, "practicing" so he'll be good enough in bed for Kim, was a what the fug is this?! thing. And to make things worse, Kim just accepted it. If I was her, I'll make him work for my trust again, not go running into his arms and go off with him. I can't wait until Moonlight Masquerade comes out. The preview of Sophie's story intrigued me right from the start and I can't wait to see how she and Reede will pair up. ohdamnbooks: stranger in the moonlight