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Girl of Nightmares - Kendare Blake My Rating: 3.0 First things first. The cover. No. Look. The cover. Isn't it gorgeous? I'll buy the book for the cover alone (and I did). Ahem, moving on. After reading Anna Dressed in Blood and loving it, I couldn't wait to read Girl of Nightmares, especially since it had a lot of raving reviews. To my dismay, Girl of Nightmares was missing lots of the elements that I dearly loved in Anna Dressed in Blood. Instead of the cocky kickass stuck-up Cas we met in Anna Dressed in Blood who knows that everyone loves him because of his skills and looks, we get deeply depressed Cas. He's still sad about Anna, which I completely understand, but Cas was so sad that there was a major lack of ghostbusting throughout the book. Instead, Cas ignores everyone's helpful advice to forget Anna to spend his time searching for a way to reach her. The whole history of the athame and the Order parts bothered me. Sure, I had wondered what made Cas and his father so "special" ever since reading Anna Dressed In Blood, but to have Kendare Blake dedicate more than thirty pages on that particular topic bored me. It went on too long. I have to give major credit to Kendare Blake though about Carmel. Carmel is a lot more developed than the typical queen bee we met in the last book. There was a part involving Carmel that made me gasp and go oh no don't do this! (When Carmel didn't want to be a part of the ghostbusting team anymore and left.) It tore my heart. I wanted to smack her, but I understood her at the same time. Then I was surprised at how she brought such a strong reaction from me when she was like one of those easily forgotten characters in Anna Dressed in Blood. One last question. Would there be a next book? I wonder how Kendare Blake will end the series. Will ever Cas get a happily ever after with Anna? If yes, because I bet they do, how will it happened? Ugh, don't make me wait any longer for answers! ohdamnbooks: girl of nightmares