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The Serpent Prince - Elizabeth Hoyt My Rating: 2.5 Having read both The Raven Prince and The Leopard Prince, I can easily say that The Serpent Prince is definitely not my top two favorite books in the Princes trilogy like I was warned. The pretense for Lucy and Simon's romance was good - Lucy finds Simon near death near her house and nurses him back to health. At the same time, they were falling for each other. However, the actually story is not that good. Instead of showing readers that Lucy and Simon were falling for each other, Elizabeth Hoyt tells it, ruining their romance. When they finally got together, I was so surprised since it didn't seem like they fell for each other at all. I feel that Elizabeth Hoyt should have spent a lot of time talking about how they fell for each other instead of getting them married halfway through the book. I also didn't connect with Lucy or Simon. Lucy was too good and innocent for my taste and I understood Simon, but he was a bit too much with his revenge plot. I will still check out Elizabeth Hoyt's other series, basically because I adored The Raven Prince and The Leopard Prince. Hopefully it'll be a lot better than how The Serpent Prince was. ohdamnbooks: the serpent prince