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Tighter - Adele Griffin Obtained: Through Goodreads First Reads Tighter is a book that'll give you a brain----. I think you get what I mean. From the minute we meet Jaime, I was suspicious. With all the pills she sneaks and the way she gets high; I was wondering who is this girl? Why is she telling the story? (I don't really trust anyone who gets high just because they can.) Well, little did I know what Adele Griffin had in store planned for us readers. Tighter wasn't what I expecting at all. When I first read the back cover, I was like this isn't my type of book. However, as I read on, I got more dragged into the story, trying to figure out what was happening. I wasn't expecting that twist at all - something I love in books as it leaves me wanting more. Now I can see why Adele Griffin is a National Book Award Finalist.